Launch Angle…. Alright let’s tackle this and understand how to actually create it. This will be a series that will take place over the next few days.

We are going to start with the lower half. Before you can even create proper “launch angle” your body has to be in a great position. This all starts with our lower half. First we need to create rhythm with the pitcher(we will go into more detail in a different post). You can see Harper starts to create rhythm, by shifting his weight onto his back side, shortly after Strasburg separates his hands to pitch. This allows him to get his foot up early and help with his pitch recognition as well as his timing. This loading process will help you build power in your back hip and also get your posture behind the baseball. Keeping your back hip engaged until your front foot lands will help maintain your posture and balance. Allowing your back side to drive into the baseball. Being consistent with your lower half will allow the hands to work easy to the ball.

Part 2 will be out in the next couple of days where we will cover the upper body.