Matt Hall has the rare gift of coaching baseball technique – catching, hitting, pitching, with remarkable simplicity for young players.  His calm, confident, and positive demeanor is an inspiration to aspiring young players who want to go to the next level.  Matt has worked with both my sons, and has improved their hitting skills tremendously.   Whether it’s tweaking my 10 year olds swing, or getting my 15 year old to mentally prepare for every pitch. Matt has changed their approach to the game and making them be the best player they can be.

Tim Prather

As your son or daughter evolves as a baseball player or a softball player, it would be beneficial to their development, if they encounter Matt Hall at some point along their journey. Matt has played the game at its highest level, both collegiately and professionally. Matt through his career success, has more of a results oriented approach to hitting. He has seen hitters of all shapes and sizes, with divergent approaches to hitting, achieve success. Matt is unique in that he does not subscribe to a cookie cutter approach to hitting. He will not be tearing down a young athlete and rebuilding them to be Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera or Manny Ramirez. Matt will be working within the natural confines of your young athlete. Yes, there are very key fundamental positions that a successful hitter must attain, however, in working with Matt, he allows the athlete to dictate the approach to those key positions. Matt preaches simplicity and efficiency. He is highly creative and he communicates very well with young players, on their level. My son Harrison’s journey with Matt began one year ago. He, in a very short time, has made considerable improvements with the efficiency of his swing, his line drive percentages, his batting average and his approach at the plate. Harrison’s walk rate has increased and his two strike approach has been more successful. Matt is not just throwing pitches to his students and grinding through a cage session, he is teaching them to create a patient approach at the plate that fits their strengths. I am convinced that part of Harrison’s recent success is that he is more relaxed at the plate because he knows what he wants to achieve, and what pitches he has more success hitting and taking within various counts. He has just become a more intelligent hitter working with Matt. Here is an excerpt from a recent car ride home from the cage,

“Dad, I really enjoy hanging with Matt. I always feel better the next time I step in the batter’s box after we hit together. I also like that he watches me and some of his other students when we are playing in our games. He cares about us, that’s really cool.”   Both Harrison and I are also pleased to call Matt our friend. Thank you Matt!


Christopher Altschul

Simon has worked with many youth coaches in various sports, but Coach Matt Hall is the one coach that I can positively say has made a significance difference in Simon’s improvement.  Simon has worked with Coach Matt for over 5 years and during this time we have watched Simon’s hitting, fielding and his overall baseball game reach new levels each year.  Coach Matt is not just an incredible coach but he is great with how he works with kids.  Simon easily sees the impact Coach Matt has made with his game but what he also likes is the friendship they have is bigger than baseball.


Michael Hoffman

I reached out to Matt for batting lessons for my 7 year old so he wouldn’t develop bad habits at an early age.  For me, it was very important to have a coach who had a successful playing career.   After only one lesson, my son’s swing looked 100% better. More importantly, my son looks forward to seeing Matt every week so he can improve. His teaching style makes learning fun and rewarding.  He is constantly giving feedback and never rushes through a session.  I am proud and amazed at how hard he has my son hitting the ball and look forward to his continued coaching.

Pete Caras

Matt Hall is so much more than a baseball coach.  Yes, Matt Hall has been working with our son Henry for the last three years under the auspices of making Henry a better hitter and baseball player, but the benefits of working with Matt go way beyond Henry’s increased strength, more consistent hitting, and refined mechanics.  Matt has taught Henry about fitness, health, commitment, dignity, and responsibility.  Henry not only has tremendous admiration for Matt’s knowledge of the game and his work ethic, Henry looks up to Matt.  Not every baseball coach has the ability to transcend to the position of mentor or role model – Matt Hall has done just that. Matt is funny and cool, yet he maintains his position of authority and always has Henry’s respect.  In short, Matt Hall has brought out the best in Henry, both on and off the field.

Nathan Hopper